Chelsea Cottage

Chelsea Cottage
View of the Garden

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Master Bath

Here is what I love about my master bath. 

 I love the spaciousness and the high, vaulted white bead board ceiling. I love the pretty shabby chic style chandelier that casts a soft glow and the glass sparkles. 

 I love the vintage look of the octagon and dot white floor tile. I love the blue paint!  I love the Kensington Mirrors from Pottery Barn. They are just gorgeous and also have a timeless look. I love the lights above the vanity from Hudson Valley. 

 They have the thick milk glass shades.  I love the faucets from Cifial that have a vintage feel and they will last forever.
The photo above is the view from the bed.  Yes, I do like to keep the door open just to see how pretty it is.

 I love the white free-standing vanity.  I replaced the chrome knobs with crystal knobs but the photo was taken before that. The vanity is topped with Carrerra marble and double under mount sinks.  It's nice to have my own sink for the first time in my life. I love the warm glow of the polished nickel fixtures.  I love the train rack from Pottery Barn.  It's in an antique pewter finish and loaded with fluffy towels.  I love the aqua glass of the shower as it feels like beach glass and the design is fluid like water.  I love the marble topped bench in the shower and the recycled tiles I used in the shower to give the feel of a window and I bordered it with white beaded trim.  I love the white subway tile used in the shower.  It's a timeless classic.

I love the vintage armoire I painted white with a pretty blue on the inside.  On it, I put an enamel basin I found at the flea market filled with white towels and a starfish for a natural touch of the beach.  It's big enough to bathe a baby in!  I also displayed some apothecary bottles on the top. And yes, I love those too! Found them at the flea market. 

 I love the tub!  It's a double slipper on a plinth pedestal and it has a reading rack to hold a good book to read while soaking. 

 I love the windows!  The bottom will have plantation shutters as soon as they arrive next week.  I tried doing the bottom pane with gallery glass to give it the seeded glass look.  Although it is beautiful, it isn't quite enough privacy.  You can see it in the photo on the right side.  I will do the left one too just because it is pretty and enough  privacy for the daytime.  The light is beautiful!   

So there's my bathroom.  I was trying for a look that was vintage, timeless, classic, soothing, pretty, calm, clean and fresh and restful.  A place that I love.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Front porch

My sister Sue made this cat in high school.  I love it!

Yeah, that's right! 1492 how cool is that!

New house photo

These are the exterior lights.  Handmade, wrought iron and seeded glass.
The front of our house.  Board-and-batton white siding on the top,  cedar posts
and river rock retaining wall and back of front porch.  Dark brown metal roof on porch.

My star!  Love this! It's galvanized and Mr. Chelsea Cottage drilled 760 holes in it for me and
 built a frame around it and put in a string of LED lights.  So pretty at night!

This a close up of the brick.  It's the Cottage Blend from Virginia Brick.
It's made from the leftovers and scraps from other bricks,
something that used to be thrown out.  Totally fits with
everything else I have.  Other people's trash is my treasure!

More pics of screened porch

Monday, May 16, 2011

Screened porch photos

The beginning.
We have a wonderful screened porch in our new house and I have been busy shopping the flea market to furnish it.  It all started with an old green glider, an emerald green trunk, a chippy, white step ladder and an old kettle.  It was a good day at the flea market!

Next came this awesome enamel top table and chairs and then the green enamel roasting pan that is now filled with hens and chicks-the plant I mean-not food.  So I am going with a salvage garden feel.  I painted the chairs the same colors of the kettle.

Then, I painted some old shutters I had found last year at the flea market.  You know-don't know what I will do with them yet but they are a great find that I "had' to grab.  Then last week I found another cream colored glider that could go on the other wall and a vintage quilt.  Originally I had wanted to put an actual twin size mattress out there on a daybed that we will make from an old solid door but in all practicality, that won't be happening for a while yet so the new glider will do for now.  The lady who sold it to me was telling me how I could have it sandblasted and repainted so it would look as "good as new".  The horrors of such a thought!  It was perfect to me the way it was with all the chipping paint and years of wear it has a sense of history to it that is both comforting and charming.  The light is beautiful at sunset!!

The shutters will be hung higher and all together and I think I should put a shelf on the bottom of them to hold a few geraniums and bring some attention up higher.

It's the many layers that make it work, differing textures of chipping paint, rusty and galvanized metals, lush healthy, green plants, pretty airy flowers, natural elements of bird nests and sea shells and a warm vintage quilt to snuggle up with.  Simply charming!

It shouldn't surprise me that my son was just complaining about the lack of tiny stir straws for his iced coffee as it "Ruins the presentation"  to use a straw from a reusable water bottle and "It's important".  Are other kids like that?

Mantel remake for Chelsea's room

 This is the before.  Kind of beat up and rough painting on the detail.

This is the after.  Looks a lot cleaner and more finished.

This is the mantel that I recently repainted for Chelsea's room.  We were looking for a cozy look from a coffee shop with a warm fireplace, comfy chair,  and a reading lamp.  A warm inviting place to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea.  It looks lovely in her room!  I don't have a photo of it in the room yet but will post that soon  I was going to paint the bricks in the firebox but we filled it with books which looks lovely too.

I love this view!

This is the gorgeous view out our back yard at our new house.  Just look at the colors of that stormy sky and the fresh spring greens.  Doesn't it just make your heart sing?  The garden shots are just the beginnings of the  garden but look at how pretty that pink of the Knock Out Roses is against that backdrop of blue.  Don't  get much work done when you are just staring at the pretty view all the time.

Monday, May 24, 2010

New find

This is my latest flea market deal.  It went right to storage to await our arrival to our new house as I simply don't have time to paint it now.  It has great "bones" though so I couldn't pass it up.

The final chair

Here's the final chair to my set of 4.  I have been collecting these for years.  I wasn't actively searching for them but whenever one would cross my path, I would snatch it up.  The other three white ones needed a new coat of paint as they were painted before I discovered Bin primer.  It makes such a difference in the final coat of paint and they look professionally painted when I use that. 

This one used to be green before I had it.  Love the patina!

Well, it probably took me the whole weekend instead of a day.  It was a lot of work but I love the results!